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The history of the law firm includes the following:

1) SALLWASSER and SALLWASSER: 1894 - 1964

Herman W. Sallwasser immigrated to the United States at the age of eight. After serving as Deputy and then Clerk of the La Porte Circuit Court, he was admitted to the Bar around 1894 and entered the practice of law in La Porte, Indiana. He was joined in the 1920's by his sons, Norman H. Sallwasser and Milton J. Sallwasser. The firm was then known as "Sallwasser and Sallwasser." Herman Sallwasser died in 1945. Thomas D. Sallwasser, (Norman Sallwasser's son), graduated from Indiana University School of Law and joined the firm in 1951. Norman H. Sallwasser left the firm on January 1, 1955 to serve as Judge of what was then La Porte Superior Court (now La Porte Superior Court No. 1). Milton J. Sallwasser died in 1963. Thomas D. Sallwasser continued the practice of law as Sallwasser and Sallwasser until he joined Link, Gettinger and McCain on April 1, 1964.


2) LINK, GETTINGER, and McCAIN: 1964 - 1971

On April 1, 1964, Alfred J. Link, Robert S. Gettinger and David H. McCain founded the firm then known as Link, Gettinger and McCain. All three had been actively engaged in the practice of law in La Porte prior to that time. On January 1, 1971, the firm of Link, Gettinger & McCain merged with the firm of Sallwasser and Sallwasser and became Link, Sallwasser, Gettinger & McCain.



The partners were Alfred J. Link, Thomas D. Sallwasser, Robert S. Gettinger and David H. McCain. When Alfred J. Link died on March 8, 1972, the firm became Sallwasser, Gettinger & McCain.


4) SALLWASSER, GETTINGER and McCAIN: 1972 - 1977

Sallwasser, Gettinger and McCain continued until January 1, 1977, when Robert S. Gettinger left the firm to become Judge of the La Porte Circuit Court. The firm name was then changed to Sallwasser and McCain.


5) SALLWASSER and McCAIN: 1977 - 2011

William A. Elliott became a partner on January 1, 1981. V. Michael Drayton became a partner on January 1, 1986. David A. Sirugo became a partner on January 1, 1994. Douglas L. Biege became a partner on January 1, 2007. Thomas D. Sallwasser retired on January 1, 1999.


6)  DRAYTON, BIEGE, SIRUGO & ELLIOTT, LLP: 2011 to present

The firm today consists of four partners: V. Michael Drayton, Douglas L. Biege, David A. Sirugo and William A. Elliott along with two associates Bradley J. Adamsky and Natalie J. Boocher. David H. McCain was senior counsel until retirement in July 2015.



Alfred J. Link practiced law in La Porte, Indiana as an associate of the firm of Osborn & Osborn from 1920. On January 1, 1929, he became Judge of the La Porte Circuit Court where he served until December 31, 1934. In the Spring of 1935, Judge Link joined with Ben Rees who was the remaining member of the firm that had been known as Smith & Rees since about 1912. They continued practice as Rees & Link until the death of Ben Rees in 1947. Alfred J. Link was joined by his son, Frederick H. Link in 1950, and by Carl M. Franceshini in 1962, and practiced in the firm of Link, Link & Franceschini until April 1, 1964 when the firm of Link, Gettinger and McCain was formed.



Robert S. Gettinger practiced law in La Porte from 1950, first as a sole practitioner, and then with Isadore E. Levine as Levine & Gettinger until 1963, when Isadore E. Levine died. Robert S. Gettinger continued as a sole practitioner until April 1, 1964, when the firm of Link, Gettinger & McCain was formed.



David H. McCain practiced law in La Porte, beginning on July 1, 1960, as a sole practitioner, sharing office space with John B. Dilworth and Howard A. DeMyer, until April 1, 1964, when the firm of Link, Gettinger & McCain was formed.

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